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The Gong You will let you feel the bungy jumping out of your soul cliff. Of course you have to break the fear-line that generates its intense vibration. But how amazing is to embrace your freedom once it’s done!

With the Crystal Bowls You will skydive over your astral body and enjoy that peaceful state. But before that trance, the Shamanic Drum will let you feel that breath taking instant before lifting off the plane of your burdens hiding in your past life.
Once you enter a deep state of relaxation with the Bilas plate and Solid Chimes tracking the path of your wounds ziplining over your deepest fears and transcend them would be part of the relief sensations of the session. Just like crossing over the Shotover River.
If it is difficult for you to face your inner world then a deep cleansing seeds will do the job for you as if they were jet boating your skin and aura. That’s the way you flow over the river of emotions. Once you face them you will be prepared to do your own rafting style-life. Now you held the leadership of your life boat again.
And with the sound of a Samafon you will release your spirit as if you were paragliding. Swimming in the air…can you feel it?
No worries if the winter already reaches your life, the sound of the native flute and the shamanic live chanting will warm and rattle your body-cells the same way your board warms the snow under your table while you are snowboarding. And then, the singing vessels gently guides you as in a mountain bike riding with the Remarkables as your background view.
And if you only need a smooth hiking, no worries because the tibetan bowls  and ocarinas are there for you to enhance that walk.
All of this feelings and more with your eyes closed. Imagination is the backyard of a Sound Journey Session.

Sound-Healing-me Sound Bath Sessions
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Sound Spa, Sound Massage, Gong Bath… are all expressions of the same concept. A whole new way to perceive your body through the sound waves in its most pure expression. Each instrument has its own purpose during the different moments of the session. That’s why they have a special section HERE


You will feel an abundant sensation of relax all over your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body Studio-Queenstown,NZ-Shamanic instruments

A Sound Healing Session will dissolve the physical burdens that your body accumulates during a day and perhaps you don’t notice until you release them… Studio-Queenstown,NZ

In the session all sounds are intended to create a suitable space conditions to achieve a deep soul journey. Aromatherapy it’s also part of this, and much more to truly feel, that words can’t describe… Studio Queenstown-NZ

Past experience

In a small place in Argentina, full of warm energy. Decorated in with a fancy Feng-Shui touché, lives a friend who introduce me in the art of Sound Healing. This was my home were I’ve learned this art. @sosvosterapia.

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