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Latest discoveries on sound

And one day the future appears in front of you.

I don’t know if Edgar Cayce really declared that “sound is the medicine of the future” but for sure we can state that Sound is the medicine of forever.

And since the great Nicola Tesla wrote “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”, many o us start thinking in that terms. Unless we try. Perhaps less than 0,0001% of the people in this world are capable to understand that statement and the intrinsic formulas that describes it, but the rest of the mortals we grasp the main picture and jump into the vast swimming pool.

But at least you would understand this:

The discovery that cells create sound, as a feature of their natural metabolic function, was made by Professor James Gimzewski of UCLA, in 2002. Using an Atomic Force Microscope, he and his colleague, Dr. Andrew Pelling, were able to listen to the sounds of cells for the first time and, surprisingly, they found that the sounds lie in the audible range. In other words, if our ears were sensitive enough we would be able to hear the sounds of our own cells. (Perhaps it is fortunate that we cannot.) Professor Gimzewski named their new approach to cell biology, “sonocytology,” combining “sono” (sound) with ”cytology’” (the study of cells). By the way, It’s doesn’t happens to you that when you are in a intense quite and silence moment you can hear a very high pitch hiss in the your head… somewhere near you? That’s the sound of your own nervous system! Those are your cells vibrating!

Here you can see the waveform patterns of a chrysalid growing and transforming into a buterfly. Do you wanna listen? 

Ok. Now that you see and perceive that cells vibrate and vibrate with their own sound, lets consider 3 main ideas that you will need to understand the process of your personal healing.

Framework ideas

Another framework #1 idea is this: Everything in life seems to use the torus blueprint. And I will say it in the words of Jain108 (for sure the next Noble Prize in Mathematics): 

"We, as Human Beings, are made in the image of the Earth. Both Man-Woman and the Earth-Grid are Toroidal, no different than the shape of an Apple, a smoke-ring, or the curved torus-lens of the Iris of your Eye, same as the Sun, it too is a Torus, even our blood or red-blood cell platelets are flattened tori, for the Torus or Doughnut is the BluePrint for all intelligent forms."

We and everything is-torus-sound-healing-me
Torus Universal Pattern of Creation

And of course, the sound that comes out of our mouth has the same structure. And thanks to John Stuart Reid and his works on Cymatics we are even able to see how this looks like using a machine that he invented. The cymascope. And the science that study it, it’s call Phonology. Yes! We have a specific niche that studies “the systematic use of sound to encode meaning in any spoken human language”. 

Take a look how vowels hace their own inner structure. It’s important to understand that each patter is unique. Your vowel will have the same patter but not same exact shape.

This is how the Vowel 'O' looks like under the Cymascope
This is how it looks a U Vowel when you see it under a Cymascope

Now we understand that vibrational structure of energy is everywhere, consider your body. “As above, so below”. Even your thoughts follow the same pattern!. Remember that “ALL THAT IS” is embedded with it. And here we are in this linking web. The WWW that allows you to read this, and the MATRIX WEB of the Universe itself. It’s the same. Fractals my friend…fractals…(that’s the framework idea #2 : ).

If you don’t even know the meaning of the word, no worries. The next time you enter an elevator with facing mirrors, take a selfie and you will get the idea. Images will let you understand in a glimpse.

Understanding fractal ideas
Understanding fractal ideas

Your loopy stylish life...

Now we understand that torus vibrational structure of energy is everywhere and conforms everything… let’s consider your body-emotional system. “As above, so below”, does it “sounds” to you? :P. Even your thoughts follow the same pattern!. Remember that “ALL THAT IS” is embedded with it. 

The #3 last pilar is Recursion-feedback (looping). This idea is as powerful as the other two. And is interwoven in between. In order to get a Torus and take a snapshot in the elevator you need a recursive system that holds you in that scene. Your co-creating holographic reality (this clarifying video is a must!) is receiving and giving from your south pole-feet (-) to your north pole-head (+) and it does in an infinite loopy way. Your outcome is re-turning as an input in your own system; that’s feeding-back yourself. Since you became into existence in this 3D playground. Ask any tibetan monk and they will say: “Oh! yes, you are talking about re-incarnation” (we are already in this body…you re-enter this space-time dimension as many times as you need to complete the loop, your loopy-experience until you get it!).


Sounds, that make you ease...or dis-ease

And what this have to do with Sound Healing my friend?. Let’s make it simple: You can put a “stick in the wheel” (remember all is cycle…. bicycle) or you can flow like a leave. If you live driven by your unconscious mind, you will always be wondering “why this again?”…(remember the #3 loop idea?). If you heal that thing…you will flow, with ease. If not, the dis-ease will knock your door using your body as a vehicle. Because your body it’s the last one to perceived that something is not working….Because you probably get rid off e(energy)-motions (what keeps you moving…yes!…your wheel!). If the energy that makes you move is heavy as hell, you will get stuck with so much frequency than if your energy makes you feel lighter.

An extraordinary way of unblocking your stuck energy is using sounds. And if it is over your body, much more better. Your entire body and cells will dance and reset in some way. Stress is defragmented as you do so with your hard drive (check you schedule task). If you dissolve the fragmented parts of yourself, you get a fluid state. You flow. As water. The same water that is part of the 70% of your body constitution. With a Sound Bath you wipe out all that static accumulated perhaps for years in your emotional body. It’s the beginning of a big cleansing. And believe me, I’ve heard the most amazing words of relief after a 45 minutes session that let me know that sound has its own intelligence and can go far beyond of our imagination throat heart brain Trinity

If your left brain side needs more accurate and scientific information to stay calm, you can read this ARTICLE about the effect of sounds in your body. (It basically says that with an ultra-sound machine emitting a certain frequency you can bombard the stones inside  your kidney and pulverize the rocks so you can pee with a smile).

Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency. Together they make up a complex frequency spectrum like the instruments of an symphonic orchestra. When one organ in the body is out of tune it will affect the whole body. Is up to you to make it conscious or let the entire song play oddly and inharmonious.

The idea in this section is to give you the big picture of how sound it’s really a practical solution and enhance your wellness. So you can allow yourself to enter the path of creating your own health. And I’m here to help you in that sense using a vary set of instruments. Because each instrument has it’s own power frequency, starting with your own voice. I have a special gift with my voice and I can guide you as a Vocal Singing Coach. But I personally add the Onthological perspective after transcending many intense life experiences. Check my BIO to understand why I moved to another country with my family. I’ve made an introduction of each one in this section: INSTRUMENTS.

Resonate with something that allows you to enter into a deep connection with who you are. Tune into your original self. Give yourself a big gift.

We now have evidence that suggests that by shifting our consciousness, we can shift the very foundations of our biology!


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