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As in family systems, each of the members has it’s own place and position. According to Bert Hellinger (the Father of Family Constellations) it’s call the Orders of Love. And Yes!, each one of us are instruments…that’s it. You get it!!

point. When talking about instruments I recognized that each of them has a purpose and moment in the scenario of the session or the Sound Journey. During my performances depending on the intention of the exercises I play them in a particular order. Otherwise It can be like an italian family sunday meal when all at a time share their feelings. That’s another mood.

So lets understand from this perspective of Parents, sons, siblings, cousins and why not uncles, some of the instruments I use for Sound Healing.

GONG: Dad's energy

Dad it’s the Sun. The Limit, the propulsion, the main ideas…The instrument that represents that is the GONG. It’s round like the sun, brilliant, powerful…and represent the main and solid ideas that we gather from our parents. Specially from our father.

I use this instrument to go deep in that mind structure and “move all your structure”. Rattle all your legacy patterns. That’s the way to figure out which ones are really yours. This allow yourself to rechecked your dad energy in you.

As a kid you probably feel some fear once in a while when daddy pissed off… It’s ok if you feel fear when you listen the tsunami wave sound of GONG. It’s the way we have, as human beings, to understand the B-side of love. First, face your inner fears, so you can release it once you transcended them. See more details about Gong Bath in the service section.


"...enters through all the pores of your body. No mind can resist to it". A phrase I've listened many times from my Master Gong @RainbowBen

Integrating Dad

When you accept your dad energy propulsion starts to be part of you. All that masculine/yang energy carries within great power,regardless you are a girl or a boy.

CRYSTAL BOWLs: Mum's energy

Mum it’s the Moon. The allowance, the acceptance, the care, the nurishing…The instrument that represents that Ying energy is the Quartz Crystal bowl. It’s round and milky like the moon, warm and represent the emotions in your astral body. 

The purpose of this instrument is to go deep in that emotional body and unblock certain feelings that you may have attached to your mother and feminine energy recognition. Perhaps you remember when your mother insist in something over and over again…That’s the Quartz: stability once you transcend your mothers distorted image and embrace it with gratitude.

The subtle but steady vibration of the quartz will help you a lot in this process of unblocking emotions. See more details about Crystal Bowls in the service section.


the magnitude of deep vibrational state achieve by Quartz Bowls will lead you to emerge your most pure emotional nature

Integrating Mum

You can reach a unique brainwave hemi-synch states in a deep relaxation with Quartz Crystal Bowls

The Siblings


The most vary lessons cames from them

Integrating Bros

You learn tons of lessons of life from your brothers and sisters. Each one has its unique bright...

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