Holistic Vocal Coach

Holistic Vocal Coaching is the outcome of an inner and personal process. For many years I’ve been wondering how to recognized my own voice. It took me more than 25 years to achieve that process. Perhaps the delay it’s due to my ease on mimicking others singers voice pitch. That’s why I can sing pop style, Opera, Heavy Metal, popular or any other. . It’s been a profound growing path so I accepted as it is. An evolving learning process. Once entered into the vibratory sphere of my life I understand that everything you need is to unfold your original frequency because your voice is unique and have been always there, awaiting. Your True tone. And I will guide you in that journey using all the instruments. Specially your own voice.

Thanks to my Emotional Bio-Decoding background If there is any emotion entanglement active you haven’t notice yet your voice will be the vehicle to let it out. 



Outlines of my teachings

As a singer and musician I will teach you how to use your voice as a healing tool.This are the basic spots that I want you to focus when you share your voice with mine in a Singing lesson.


Your emotional vibration mood is vital. You will learn how to use it to speed up the learning process. A quick sound bath will warm you up .


I will guide you into the amazing journey of remembering your original voice tone.


You will learn that breathing out is much more than exhale. It’s the pillar of life, a fundamental stone in your singing process.


You will learn how to reach your head voice, mask voice, chest voice and so much marvelous things about your vocals chords.

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I will get out the best of your voice: that's a very important part of your lesson, but only a part. Holistic is much more than you expect.

In our first interview I will listen carefully to your vocal cords in order to recognized if there is any tension on your voicing and how you approach with your entire body the singing process.
According to that and your own expectations we will plan the subsequent lessons.

Classes fees

1st Interview

NZD 50 Launching Price!!!

Holistic Vocal Coaching

1 Session
NZD 100 Limit Offer !!!

Singing Lessons

1 Class
NZD 80 Limit Offer !!!

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