Emotional Bio-decoding

Symptoms are the doorway to your re-connection. If we decode the word is like this: based one Greeks, sumptōma ‘chance, (symptom)’ and the word sumpiptein wich means ‘happen’. So let’s say that any Symptom is “the CHANCE that is showing the HAPPENing of something in you” (because is you showing the symptom, not your partner!). Thanks to that symptom, you are having an opportunity to make something happen. Something new. So if you only swipe them under the carpet or shush them with pills, they will return in another form to help you recognized the under laying patter that triggers them out.

On the other hand, symptoms means “coincidence“: concurrence fact that happens with other. The ancient Greeks doctors used this word to refer about the phenomenon (‘ma’) that leads (syn) a desease.

Emotional Bio-Decoding is a tool-set of techniques based on the German New Medicine (GNM) founded by Dr. Hamer (a guy who actually discovered the connecting pattern between his own cancer and his child death). He found the scientific connection between the Psyche, Brain and Organs.

Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it became a "scientific" asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge; it is only modern medicine that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas."

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A new possibility arise

When you connect with your present moment you are able to recognize why you ‘ve been driven to this state in harmonic resonance with your past life. Within this exercise we will detect the track of your unconscious mind and unveiled it.

Personal Timeline

When you connect with your present moment you are able to recognize why you ‘ve been driven to this state in harmonic resonance with your past life. Within this exercise we will detect the track of your unconscious mind and unveiled it.

As a System Analyst graduate I will detect where is the unconscious pattern that drives your daily basis​
Master Conflicts

As human beings we learn and evolve thanks to conflict situations. That’s how we expand our perception. Is the basic classroom of our physique system.

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Canvas by Luis Tamani
Handling E-Motions

Situations are neutral, they just happen, but according to your mind set you will vibrate with some of them because they resonate with your own past life experiences. Especially in your childhood days when conflicts were determine. Most of the time those things that you were expecting from your parents and family, and you didn’t get. Many times something you can’t handled at all: an aunty decease, the lost of your little friends because you move to another town or country or a tiny situation like wanting a pet and didn’t fulfill that need. For many adults those situations are kind of natural, but for kids they won’t be that easy. You’ve been a kiddie too.

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“The differentiation between the psyche, the brain, and the body is purely academic. In reality, they are one.”

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Re-programming your mind

To complete the canvas we’ll enter another perspective thanks to the works of Salomon Sellam with Trans-generational and Psychosomatic understanding, Psychologist  Mark Frechéte and his Project-meaning discovery  and Bert Hellinger with family constellations.

The main idea is to make conscious the bond between your acts and the conflict you are struggling today. Perhaps with your dad, mom, wife, sons, boss… And the most important thing is that we can catch it BEFORE you get sick, generate a renal calculus or whatever your body needs to express itself because you didn’t listen to it at time. If you already have any disease no worries. This technique allows you to speed up the recovery process.

With this technique I will help you unblock patterns from your childlessness, your mothers womb and even from your ancestors (your family tree).

Lest but not last I use Shamanic indigenous Techniques to talk the language of your unconscious mind.  All the previous explanation uses the mind flow structure within your psyche and your brain functions. When we enter the sacred space of your unconscious mind I prefer sound  (see the Sound Journeys Experience) and Indigenous toolkit. They are much more effective. Especially when I use Shamanic Reiki.

We first have an 1 hour interview to recognize how the pattern is still present today in your life echoing that original one that stills there, driving your daily basis.

FUNDAMENTAL NOTE: All this knowledge is based on top of classic medicine. As an holistic therapist It will be very helpful if you bring any examines or diagnosis (Dx or Ds) that a Physician or doctor gave to you. Holistic Medicine uses all the information of the field. So is important to bring that information or a photo of it.

1st Interview

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