❇️Material: clay.

🧞Crafted by Potter: Esteban Valdivia @esteban_valdiviasonidos

🌏 Origin: Argentina (this particular).

🔶 Main uses: meditation, recreation, chanting.

🔉Range: 480 – 728 hz. (harmonics up to 2206 hz)

This rare double flute is the outcome of many years of researching in the indigenous culture of Ecuador by the archeologist and musicologist Esteban Valdivia. He took x-ray to the originals and replicate them.

This instrument belongs to the pre-columbian indigeous cultures of Mesoamerica. They are exact copy from the originals. The sound of each individual flute (blown one at a time) differs a little bit form its twin. The result is kind a binaural beat. It can be use to achieve an alter state of consciousness or to enter into a deep meditation trance sate.


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