❇️Material: aluminum alloy solid bars and wood frame.

🧞Crafted by: an artisan who sales them in a fair.

🌏 Origin: Nono, Córdoba, Argentina (this particular). You can build your own ones.

🔶 Main uses: Ambient music. Folk music. Acoustic sessions.

🔉Range: 875 – 12000 Hz.

A Mark tree (also known as a nail tree, chime tree, or set of bar chimes) is a percussion instrument used primarily for musical colour. It consists of many small chimes – typically cylinders of solid aluminium or hollow brass tubing 3/8″ in diameter – of varying lengths mounted hanging from a bar. The chimes are played by sweeping a finger or stick through the length of the hanging chimes, or the strings that suspend the chimes (source: Wikipedia)


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