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An Ordinary Citizen

Everything I went through until I was 34 years old is condensed on my Linkedin. That was me and allowed me to come to remember what I am today. I am thankful for all that. That is my “standard” version, the construction of the western, democratic, capitalist, Jewish-Christian structure and vision. An ordinary citizen. That “product” that society generates, expect and need to continue operating under the paradigm of science, economy, politics and religion. And I consider myself a good product. In fact I am owner of a family construction company (durbeck.com.ar) and a music event start up (brassup.com.ar). I am my own boss. Graduated at Information Systems Analyst, father, husband, son, brother, musician and singer among many adjectives and categories that this Western mentality catalogs to feel at ease. I understand myself and enjoy from that perspective. I integrate and accept that this was perfect for my life path.

Grounding Background

The development of my spiritual life begins when I was nine. The exercise of looking inward was never alien to me. The path my soul chose until my 24 years old was an institution of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church called Opus Dei. Something like being a tibetan monk on the asphalt, without getting married and studying IT at the Public University. Meanwhile studying Philosophy and Theology and singing in a rock band. I honor that part of me and appreciate it from my heart. And with that I honor my parents and ancestors who made all that evolutionary experience possible.

Between my 25 until 34 years old I developed myself professionally, I met Clara, my teacher in Love and partner in this journey of life. We co-create 3 beautiful children and many more interesting things such as building our own home.


Now I’m going to tell you what I became. And how I remember whom I always was. Like a chrysalis that is already in full flight and understood the reason of being a worm before being a butterfly.

I always had a close relationship with Nature (Pachamama in the original peoples of the Andes, Papatuanuku in Maori language). The golden memories of my childhood and youth are the camps. There, bare of a conventional ceiling, I could feel full, free. Me. The starry sky and night were and will be a reference on my way. In fact, I am writing this admiring a beautiful landscape; mountains and lake. With a cool breeze and a smooth cloudy sky.

My first internal engine is called evolution. It seems to me the only permanent idea (worth the recursive dialectic). I learned thanks to the Mayan culture that is my hallmark and birth energy: go, start, advance like a ranger, create from scratch. With that engine I allowed myself to always live in a kind of investigate mode. With total sincerity. And therefore, mutate. Transform myself. Paraphrasing that “Panta Rei” of the philosopher Heraclitus. Or colloquially translated as “we never bathed twice in the same river”.


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"You are the observer that see and the mirror that reflects. The clue inside would rest until your words shall manifest; no matter what the outside assert."


You believe it, you create it.

The Shift

Thus I allow myself to think that our spirit only inhabits this body for the purpose of sustaining it in existence. So that in this short journey of experiences we can combine in a present continuous conjugation with that primary idea of evolution. We experiment in our body (embodied) that manifestation of the eternal transforming spirit: the Great Spirit (Creator Father-Mother). Everything you think, say and do transforms you. You are no longer the same as 5 minutes ago.

What’s most, we need our biology to understand this process. So we incarnate in a body. And we leave it behind when it’s time. In this dance of giving and receiving of permanent duality we evolve … over and over again. In fact I allow myself to think that the entire Universe is a great Torus without beginning or end. And the only one who looks at it and contemplate is the Maker: God, the Source, the Observer, you and I. We are the observers of our own reality. And we create it by fixing our gaze.

With that idea in mind, a book came to me (the law of attraction begins to make sense in my life) that helped me understand that “I come from the Sun” (Flavio Cabobianco). And that with our children we come to attend each other in this experience of the 3rd dimension. So I learned to look at my children as teachers and ally on the road. And I keep learning from them.

Then my evolution brought me (attracted) to the Andean Cosmology by the hand of a priest son of the Q’eros community. I lived 5 days of retreat learning their advanced techniques. I trained to de-program old, rigid ideas, some obsolete for my new evolutionary state. It was a great update to my operating system. The system that operates from the unconscious. Here began my initiation.

Sounds of Healing in my life

That experience contacted me with the Eleven Steps of the Magic, a method of the Teaching of Initiation Psychoanalysis-Occultism (edipo.org). Method that I had already started to practice from my intuition. Method that is universal (like the teaching of all the Masters in the history of Humanity), but that becomes much more affordable when someone explains it to you so clearly. The school structured in my mind what I already knew.

The process of waiting and receiving my 3rd child was the biggest and strongest seal of approval for the application of this method. The Magic of being oneself in constant vibration with the All (the Source), was anchoring itself in my life. I understood this in retrospect. Today, I apply the Method along with all the other tools to build my own reality.

By the way, Music was always playing in the background. In the form of a school choir, singing in the parish of my hometown, in a rock band, as lyrical singing at University, in the form of a Crooner, as a composer and music producer. Music has always been and will be my breathing place. And with it, the silence.

Finally I drew (I already understood that the law of attraction soaks everything) the sound that heals my life. I learned the technique of using each instrument. And so the rest of the tools that the Universe had prepared for me, began to manifest. A very powerful one is Emotional Bio-decoding. And in his learning my final release from the deep emotional blocks that my emotional body still harbored. I allowed myself to go through my life again, but with the glasses of feeling. I keep building myself from there. My biology needs to be updated and the process is slow since biological mutations require time-space. My entire biological structure needs to be reformulated. Rebuild. Mutate. It is a change in the essential structure of DNA. The transformation from biological DNA to vibrational DNA.

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On this path of biological evolution, Pachamama presented me with a very precious but, for many, unappreciated treasure: sacred plants, medicinal plants. I will only name some of them that I met in a personal experience of retreat and conscious internalization about them: Rapé, Ayahuasca and Marihuana. And also natural substances derived from amphibians and a tree: Kambo, Bufo and Sananga. I received them all when my spirit and body were prepared for it, I did not go for them. They came like everything in my life; as the Zen phrase says: “when the student is ready, the Master will appear”. And it was one of the deepest and most significant encounters in my existence.

To finish understanding this change, it helped me a lot to take the first 2 levels of REIKI. The most subtle mutation and transmission between planes in any energetic form is possible. And you too can learn to perceive and manage that energy more subtle than our simple physicality.

You should allow yourself to think outside the box. And the first link in that process is understanding that we are not from here. We came here. The underlying idea is this: we came to earth to learn. She is our kindergarten or elementary school or university … Our playground. I allow myself to be wrong without punishing myself. Without guilt. Without judgment. And so with the neighbor. They also learn at their own pace, with their ideas, on their own way.

Finally...here I am

we can do it together

I define myself as an Holistic Huber (It’s a neologism I coined). A person who integrates knowledge and helps anyone who wants to understand their personal process. And I question the inherit process of knowledge. How is our evolution unfolding journey. I’m not just pick the first result, I wonder if there are other possible results. That is why the following topics are some of those that binds my mind (at least today …):

Morphogenetic Fields, Schumman Resonance, Magnetic Fields, Sacred Geometry, Cosmometry, Cymatics, Family Constellations, The Doubling Theory, Quantum Computing, Hyper-incursion, Unified Field Theory, Dowsing, Vibrational DNA, Shamanism, Sacred Plants, German New Medicine, Pyramidology, Gnoseology, Metaphysics , Vorticial Mathematics, Mayan Culture, Astrology, Ufology, Theosophy, …

You can check the Theory on Sound Healing section a list of references on those and other topics in which I evolve as a fractal of light…

Welcome to my vibrational torus.

I’m EYAYMAE (that’s another interesting story to tell you).

Voice of the Celestial Alchemy of Orion and Atlantis.

Shaman and Crystal Activator.

Matt EYAYMAE - SoundHealing.me

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